Technical Services

Supervision & technical support
Reviewing of Lifting Material
Accurate manoeuvres completion
Performance Audits
Mechanical movements of Loads
Manoeuvres Execution Staff


Lifting plans
Reviewing the technical feasibility and development, detailed options for the correct execution of works are determined to ensure feasibility.
  • Ways and means to be used, sequence of performance and, the associated risks are determined.
  • Using the latest technology in 3D layout, we delimited all obstacles in the manoeuvre, ensuring a real vision of works in its different variables.
  • In compliance with current safety regulations and, adapting current procedures. 
  • Our job is to ensure a balance between all significant factors which may influence the success of a project. From the impact on the user to the implementation costs. 

Designing and calculation of structures

As an engineering company specialized in structural designing, we bring the best technical solutions in load movements projects according to the type, dimension and, complexity of works.
  • 3D designs, detailed plans, supporting calculations and defined construction processes.
  • Involving from the conceptual phase to the construction of the structure, reducing costs and production time.

Feasibility studies for
special transports

The purpose of this study is to define the route, guidelines, and necessary conditions to a better and safer equipment transport from point of origin to destination.
  • Interpreting the possible paths or routes, checking the whole itinerary in situ, taking the necessary data from the curves and critical sections, as well as identifying all obstacles and necessary requirements for the performance. 
  • Defining the most suitable vehicles of transport and, the distribution of loads.
  • Calculation of all turning angles during the route, providing:
  • Geometric Feasibility Studies
  • Feasibility Studies for Crossing over Structures
  • Feasibility Studies of Crossing over Pavements

Supervision & Technical Support

Technical support in mechanical movements of loads terms to other executing departments in shutdowns, projects and, new construction.

Approving all lifting plans

Planning and optimizing all resources

Management of mechanical resources

Lifting equipment reviewing

Heavy equipment management with all technical factors

We bear the responsibilities instead of the client

Reviewing of Lifting Material

Controlling, marking and, certificating of hoisting material according to the RD1215/1997
Checking every element is in optimum mechanical condition for use
Hoists load tests according to actual regulations and using a mobile test bench at client facilities

The experience being users, contribute with qualified knowledge for a perfect inspection

Completing accuracy manoeuvres

For high-risk jobs, performers are replaced by high-precision vision and assistance equipment

Providing cameras and lasers, tracking difficult angles movements and, preventing people from being entrapped

Performance audits

A detailed report on safety and competence during movements of loads, the well using of lifting elements, established procedures and, discovered incidents
Suggesting preventive measures to take into account in future projects and, better lifting jobs

Standard of Mechanical
Movements of loads

Specific standards defining the categorization of the manoeuvres, the preventive measures of each type, work methodology and, minimum requirements for the right performance, depending on the risks in the facilities

All necessary legal requirements are included in this standard for a strict compliance of all people involved in these works

Manoeuvre operational staff

Manoeuvres Supervisor
Personnel with technical training and necessary experience to control and accomplish lifting jobs and, ensuring activities are in accordance with the systematic safety assessment of every site
A worker responsible for moving heavy materials and equipment safely around worksites. They can signal to communicate, using transmitters or any other communication system
Responsible for applying the right techniques to secure loads, with lifting or traction elements and, using the necessary equipment and accessories
Heavy vehicle controllers
Managing and controlling heavy vehicles access in different areas of every site, with highly security and coordination